Hello, and thank you so much for visiting The Work from Home Chef! I have a passion for cooking and learning how to work around my career in order to put great food on the table for family and friends as a working mom. I’ve worked at home for years with a Fortune 100 company and understand the work from home culture and I know I am not alone! According to a report using the findings from the US Census in 2017, 8 million people join me as being part of the workforce all from their humble abode! And with our world changing so much in 2020, I know this number has climbed drastically, and I believe it will continue to do so.

Although I am not a professionally trained chef, I am the chef of my kitchen, and I take pride in the last decade I’ve spent honing in on my cooking and baking skills. I take classes whenever possible and am constantly learning and creating in my kitchen, outside of my 9-5.

The more I worked out of my home office, the more I realized that I was learning how to read and write my recipes based on my own schedule. For example, instead of making up an entire recipe at one time, I might prepare the ingredients and prep my recipe and then wait to throw it in the oven until later in the day. I found ways to be prepared for dinnertime and beyond by applying these efficiencies. Not ALL recipes you find will include work from home efficiency tips, but many of them will. I hope you enjoy my recipes and blog and that they help inspire you in the kitchen.

Me and my family along with our newest addition in 2020!