Christmas Cookie Decorating Party Board

Party boards of all kinds seem to be the hottest trend of the season this year – which is ironic to me since we are in the middle of a pandemic and we are keeping our hands to ourselves more than ever. Of course, 2020, you WOULD do that to us – am I right?

Regardless, I love a good party board. I started making them years ago, mainly for just me and my husband. We have always enjoyed entertaining and throwing a fun party, but our most favorite parties were ones we threw for ourselves – parties for two. We would sometimes get all dolled up and open up a nice bottle of wine to pair with a fancy charcuterie and cheese board, turn up some music, and enjoy each other’s company. Fast forward quite a few years, now that we have two more in our crew, parties for two are even more nostalgic, and especially in 2020, parties for four are the normal around here.

This year, I wanted to do something fun with our family during the holidays, but also wanted to do something new. Our three year old has been asking to decorate Christmas Cookies, and with all of the excitement around my Hot Cocoa Party Board this year, an idea came to me one morning. Why not make a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party Board? I quickly came up with zero reasons not to, and EVERY reason TO load up my car and quickly head to my local Target. I made a beeline for everything edible, seasonal, and Wondershop and the results were a Christmas Cookie decorating success.

Christmas Cookie Decorating Party Board – a festive and fun way to make cookies with your family and friends!

I wanted a nice variety of cookies on my board, while still making sure that the classic sugar cookies had the main stage. I made up some simple Sugar Cookies and Rice Krispie Treats and the rest of the cookies…I either bought or did refrigerated pre-made dough. You can’t get easier than that, and if your holiday schedule is getting crazy – go ahead and get the refrigerated sugar cookie dough, too. No one will say a word, I promise!

You’ll see a few Gluten-Free Fudge Cookies in Christmas Tree shapes and circles, Walkers Shortbread Cookies in Santa’s and stars, Homemade Sugar Cookies in circles and stars, and Snowman Rice Krispie Treats. I absolutely loved the addition of the Rice Krispie Treats Cutouts for something different to decorate for us this year – take a closer look at the snowmen below – how cute?!

Add Rice Krispie Treat Cut-outs to your Christmas Cookie repertoire – how fun are these snowmen?

In addition to the cookies, you’ll find THE WORKS on this board to help with cookie decorating: Festive Sprinkles at every turn, Dots Gumdrops, Hershey Kisses and Rolos placed in a seasonal Santa Bowl (pictured Santa Bowl is from Hobby Lobby), Icing, Pretzels, Cookies and Cream Pocky, Chocolate Peppermint Bark, Hickory Farms Melt Away Mints, Candy Eyes, Marshmallow Fluff, Cinnamon Imperials, and M&M’s.

Arial View of my Christmas Cookie Decorating Board – the Galvanized Serving Tray was purchased from Pottery Barn.

My family had so much fun decorating these cookies, and the board actually helped organize the process – yes, I said organize. I had an organized cookie decorating party with my three year old! Hold the laughs, I know, but it’s true! All of our supplies were easily found on the board and our creativity was flowing, no doubt. I also think this idea would be a huge hit even at an adult holiday party. I know my friends and I would love to decorate cookies from this board with a festive cocktail in hand.

The holidays will look so different this year for all of us, but don’t let that stop you from making it special. Let loose and throw a party for one, or two, or four, or however many people you are blessed to have at home with you this season. We decorated cookies for our friends and neighbors during our party and also took a few Christmas Cookie Decorating Mini Boards/Kits to our dear neighbors who are sick with Covid. Below you will find our finished cookies from our Family Christmas Cookie Decorating Party, not pictured is the Christmas Spirit this cookie board party brought into my home:

A variety of our cookies – can you guess who made which cookie?!
One very happy Cookie Decorator!
My son’s cookies – I believe in giving very little direction and letting them run with it. 🙂
Our Christmas Cookie Decorating Mini Board/Kit for our friends

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